I got my clitoris pierced. I love touching myself and getting off by it.
diamondsmarina diamondsmarina
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7 Responses Nov 6, 2013

My wife has her's pierced for ten years she and i love it.

I love piercings! I am scared to get that one done because when I pierced my nipples, it didn't heal for four months! Not playing with my ******* is unacceptable! Lol I ended up taking them out. How long did it take before it felt good to touch down there for you?

Have any pics? I love piercings!

So fun. I bet it's awesome to play with.. Particularly with one's tongue hehe. Oops. Hope that's not too cheeky.

No it's fine!

Hot, love playing with it with my tongue

I love to dream about good girls like you. Such a turn on. ; )

I love the look of a pierced ****. I don't think I could keep my hands off it either. ;)