I got my first ear piercings when I was five, as a surprise birthday present. I actually was pierced three times because my mom didn't think they were even. When I was 10, I got my second holes. A couple years later, I got the second ones redone and added a cartilage. When I was about 13, I got my third, fourth, and fifth holes done while on vacation. I've had to reopen those myself several times. Last year I pierced my left ear once more, and my right ear twice. I also pierced my inner labia twice, took one out, and put a new hole in.

Basically: 13 current and 1 retired ear piercings (3 done by myself), 2 current and 1 retired inner labia piercings (all done by self).

I've also pierced my friend's cartilage, which was a horrific experience. I've vowed to never pierce anyone else again, but as for myself...I still have 10 piercing needles.

Oh! I forgot all about gauges! My largest was a 1/2" in my left second hole. My dad made me take it out about a month ago. I now have one 8g, three 14g's, two 16g's, and six regulars in my ears. As for my labia, one is a 16g, and the other is a 14g.

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I like both inner and outer pierced. If the inner are pierced with multiple rings, one can use the rings to spread the labia for deeper access with the tongue.

FantasiaRealms,<br />
I expect your Owner to be more pleased if you choose to pierce<br />
your OUTER Labia instead. That gives a little more pain, but doesn't tear off so easy.<br />
They also add more possibilities for Play if you get 1 to 3(or more!) Rings in each Outer Labia.

I'm probably to get the labia done eventually, so I'm with the others... does it hurt or get in the way?


You pierced your own labia? damn! I wish I could have seen that...it sounds cool, but I'm curious, like Robert9876 asked, does it get in the way or hurt when you have sex?

Never ****** a girl with piercings in her labia or ****. Is it exciting or does it get in the way?