Piercings Aplenty

My first holes were done 3 different times because they kept getting infected.  The third time when I was 10 they took.  I begged forever to get my second holes done but my parents weren't going for it.  So instead I pierced my own cartilidge twice when I was 14 and 15.  When I was 16, a few friends and I did my second holes but I had to take them out when I went to a band competition.  They were done again when I was 18.  Also just after my 18th birthday I went and got my tongue pierced.  Then within the next two years I got up to my fifth hole done (but I had to let the 5th close).  I had my belly button done after my graduation but I had to let that close due to constant infection.  I am to get my tragus done when I have the money again (provided I don't waste it on tattoos).

theophania theophania
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1 Response Jan 12, 2007

I had issues with my navel piercing too...it kept getting infected and rejecting so I gave up. I also had second earring holes but let them close because I felt my face looked too busy with four earrings and a nose stud. My favorite piercing is my other one,my vch. If I could keep only one thatd be it.