My Jewels

I've been a bit addicted to piercings! At one point I thought I'd have loads more and sort of wanted, but then I thought enough is enough and that I would look stupid with my face full of iron ;)

At the moment I still have quite a few and will probably keep all of them until next spring, when I probably have to take most of them off for good ;___; , due to the fact that I'm gonna study to become a nurse and obviously you can't wear piercings or jewellery in hospitals, at least not in Finland...

but for now I have 7  piercings:
-bridge (between my eyes)
-labret (my lip)
-inside the lip (between teeth and the upper lip)
-2 on my nose
-2 on my ears
Terrorita Terrorita
26-30, F
Jul 19, 2007