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My first piercings were pretty normal, my parents had my lobes done when I was a baby-before I even turned one. Apparently I didn't scream at all- guess I was a tough baby, my little sister freaked out when she got hers later. Anyway, I got my next piercing in 6th grade-one more on each side on the lobes. The next year I got my first cartilage piercing done-with a gun at claires. Don't ever, ever get cartilage done with a gun- this piercing took more than 3 years to heal completely, and was still tender past then-so I don't wear this one anymore. I am planning on getting it re-done with a needle soon. That same year I also got my navel done, which is one of my favourites. My top favourites are three I got sophomore year in highschool on my left ear, and a modified industrial on my right ear. I did have a double eyebrow piercing, but it quickly rejected much to my dismay. Currently I have 13 piercings, but only wear jewelery in 8 of them on a daily basis.That's about it for my piercing history...I love how piercings look and feel, and am possibly plotting more. :)

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3 Responses Feb 23, 2010

I got my cartilage pierced at Claire's too. Thankfully mine healed just fine and I still have it.

Just don't go camping too soon! That's how I doomed mine I think. Haha.

yes go for others,thier enjoyable too.My eyebrow piercing has yet to heal,got it done jan1 but thing is starting to