Pa Stands For Pretty Awesome

I know the first thing a guy thinks.... I'm not gonna pierce my junk. I figure why not if it hightens my partners pleasure I will take any edge I can get. At least it proves without a doubt who's a real man. Seriously though it isn't anywhere as painful as you might think. There was a jolt and my body  invoulentary jumped it didn't hurtas much as a flu shot. I will be truthful to say though if you decide to get one get a ring and not a horse shoe, because the open end could get stuck on ohhh lemmie think ... maybe your underwear when your sitting down to go to the bathroom.... That was embarrising the entire office heard something fortunately they went to the ladies room to check and by the time they check the mens room I could say yea no problem here. LOL Also wear boxers and get a lightweight metal, this is one piercing you don't want to stretch the hole on accident.


Now for the good part. I have been with at least 10 women since getting it done and I have had not one complaint, just praise. Also for me they usually love to tangle their tongue around it like a new toy and tug and twist. Oooohhh nice. Feel free to drop a line and I'll keep you updated on it's awesomness.

Sengirdruid Sengirdruid
36-40, M
Feb 24, 2010