This Place Sucks

I walk in the door early this morning, set my gear down and start to head to the break room. The 2nd laziest of all my teammates who's pouty flirt holds no effect on me, asks me if I would log in early. I said no and continued to the break room to get my morning rituals out of the way (We all have them). As I'm in the break room another teammate comes up and says the director wants to see me. 

Damn this is no way to start my morning. I mean I still have not even had my morning caffeine fix yet. 

I walk over to his office where he goes I need you to log in early. The little snot nosed pain in the *** had gone running to his office and as usual and he played favorites another common theme with this guy.

So I have to log in so the other two can start goofing around which they are doing in their usual manner

I hate the F&*king place!!!

Yep I'm left with 3 phones to answer and 4 computer stations to monitor because their sorry butts can't stay in their seats

dasmuggler dasmuggler
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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

******* people. I really and truly hate people like this. Ugh. It makes me so mad. <br />
<br />
I can completely understand your frustration and anger because I, too, work with people like this.