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well most of you know im in australia, there is a chicken shop well franchise in aus that is called red rooster and they have this new ad on the tv and it really ****** me off here goes it is an aussie guy in america and hes going around asking everyone can you tell me where a red rooster is and people are saying what is red rooster and he keeps asking and he asks this one guy excuse me can you tell me where a red rooster is and he says what is red rooster and he says its barbeque chicken and the american says bbq chicken you dont fry it and the other guy says no it bbq chicken and the american says never heard of it and the other guy goes american they just dont get it. then there is another one from them as well and it goes like this the aussie guy goes to the american guy you can win 20000 red ones and shows him aussie money and the american says is that what your money looks like and the aussie guy goes americans they really just dont get it. well this ad ****** me off to me no americans wouldnt know about red rooster if they have never been here and they wouldnt know what our aussie money looks like if they have never been here to me the ad is very rude and degrading and it make the american people look like they are stupid which you are not at all, i have put a complaint in to the australian advertising commision telling them that the ad offends me and they need to consider taking the ad of air because like i said when i see that ad its not the americans that dont get it its the aussie that dont get it and im one myself, anyway i got an email today in regards to my complaint and they are looking into it further as there has been alot of other complaints about the ad as well so i hope that the ad will be taken off the air as i really do think that the ad is very degrading and they should not be trying to degrade another country because they dont have something we do every country does and has something different to another anyway i though i would get this off my mind and chest because it really does **** me off when i see it on tv i have to walk out of the room when it comes on,       

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know what you mean robyn1972 its so stuffed here now what the **** is with aus now its going to the pack it used to be a good place once but now have you noticed the people are becoming really rude here as well

i understand what you are saying but i think it just ****** me off because australians are always making fun of the americans saying they are so stupid and loud and the way they live is ridiculous well i think americans are lovely people and america is a fantastic place australia is getting more asian now a lot of chinese restaurants and the furniture and things are very asian now nothing wrong with that but there is nothing wrong with american things neither i am one of the few aussies that love america and american things love it all and i think thats why i get offended when i hear these type of ads

i understand why you are upset. yet, try to look at it from another point of view. to some it may just be funny. Part of the problem I see in the world is that far too many people look to find something wrong. I'm not saying this is what you are doing. <br />
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Letting the advertising people know how you felt was good. But also try to see what the writer of the add was really trying to get across by taking out your emotional reaction to the ad. It could just be a very poorly written ad as well.<br />
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Thank you for sharing.

hey mate you do get it its the aussies that dont get it. it just pissed me off that they are making fun of the americans since i will be moving there this year it just ah ***** me