Poof! Just Like That!

My external hard drive broke down..arg! All my files are gone..again, oh crap! 148GB files and they're all gone just like that. Worst part is, there's no way to recover the files, PC can't detect the hard drive anymore..T_T

Dear WD hard drive,

Thank you for the years that you have kept my files and the times when you relentlessly broke down. Thanks for making me feel unsecured all the time for having you as my backup. Not the first time you've put me in this situation, so I guess I just have to take it and move on. We had our share of good and bad times. Also, Thanks for keeping all my secrets and also almost revealing them as well.

Is it stupid to think that if I let you rest for a couple of months, you'll work again? hmm bargaining? Can't believe I'm in denial....whom am I gonna be angry at then? crap! crap! now I'm feeling depressed.....it'll take me quite some time to finally accept this though, so long for now, sure I'm gonna miss you.

hopelessaddict xx
hopelessaddict hopelessaddict
31-35, F
May 11, 2012