Please, Someone Just Listen

This is directed towards a person, so it'll be written as such. I'm really not looking for anyone to give me advice, just to listen to what I have to say.
Anyway, you can't just ignore me for a week and then decide that you're going to hang out with us at lunch whenever it's convenient for you. And what the hell was that, lying to my face about where you've really been? Do you think I'm blind? I see you hang out with them every day. I don't care if you hang out with them, you know that. My thing about that is that if you're going to hang out with them, just don't act like I don't exist and tell me when you're gonna bail on us. It's not that hard nor is it a big deal.
HOWEVER, I do care when you think you can decide when you're going to be my friend. What's more is that you do NOT have the right to choose when you're going to hang out with us, judge the living hell out of us, and then walk away when I don't want to get involved in something that's not my problem. If that **** is using your little boy-toy, YOU do something about it. He's not my friend and she tried to steal my boyfriend. So no, I don't care. Who said I have to?
And yet, I'm the one who has to step up because YOU walked away over the stupidest thing. We did nothing wrong. All we said was we didn't want to get involved, so yeah, maybe you are the only person that cares, but that doesn't mean you need to walk away all angrily and go tell your little friends that we don't want to help so they'll think I'm a *****. I don't care about any of them, but now they're going to give me crap.
So let me make something perfectly clear.
I've done nothing wrong. YOU made the choice to ignore me for a week. I made the choice to make amends by inviting you to breakfast. YOU made the choice to get in the car with us and YOU were the one screaming like we'd kidnapped you because we took the long way to school. We got you to school with 8 minutes to spare before class. YOU made the choice to talk to us yesterday and YOU made the choice to leave us for your other friends. YOU made the choice to sit with us today and YOU made the choice to lie to my face. YOU made the choice to judge us when I playfully took his chips. YOU made the choice to involve US in a problem that didn't involve ANY of us. WE made the choice to stay out of it and YOU made the choice to walk away. YOU made the choice to ***** about it to your little friends who already don't like me.
So why the hell does everyone think that I need to be the one to talk to YOU? Why do they think that I need to explain MYSELF to you? I've done nothing wrong. HE did nothing wrong. MY SISTER did nothing wrong. HIS SISTER did nothing wrong. But somehow, it's ME that HAS to be the one to fix things. HELL NO. You want things fixed, you know where to find me.
But don't you dare expect leniency. You have been pulling this **** for TWO YEARS and I have had ENOUGH. Ball's in your court. Do what you wish with it, but if you throw it away and we stop being friends, that is YOUR call. You made this mess, it's about damn time you clean it up.
ReesesPeaces ReesesPeaces
18-21, F
Sep 19, 2012