I Was Careful...

I didn't sleep around.  I had four partners, all committed, "monogamous" relationships.  I asked all the right questions, and they gave the right answers.  I was as safe as I could reasonably be. I respected my body

It didn't matter.  I still contracted an std. 

Why, the ****, didn't I just screw my brains out!  I could have been ******* all sorts of people!  I'm a beautiful woman, I've had plenty of offers, had I known I was going to contract ******* HERPES anyhow I would have gone all nympho!  Seriously!  But no, I was careful, conscientious, aware.  I chose my partners with care.  And this is what I ******* get.  Herpes. Are you kidding me!!!! This is so unbelievably lame.  I'm going to scream now. 



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Sorry to be jumping in on a 2 year old story, but .....<br />
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I was diagnosed with herpes in 1970 when no one was very impressed with it. <br />
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It's a cold sore. The only real difference is that it's a cold sore on your genitals. I learned to keep it in my pants when I had an outbreak and that was about it. As far as I know I haven't infected any of my sexual partners over the last 40 years.<br />
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At first the outbreaks would be a few times a year - very troublesome for a horny 20 something. Then they became rarer and rarer. At this point, I haven't had an outbreak in over 15 years. Herpes actually isn't worth the emotional effort that's expended on it.

Thanks for the support guys! <br />
And you're right, Emerald, it is very embarrassing. Particularly when I walked up to the pharmacy for the first time Sat. and the guy behind the counter loudly asks how soon I'll need my Valtrex. Thanks, man.

That is really *****ty...sometimes that's the way things go and it's sad. Bad things happen to good people and vice-versa. Despite our best efforts things happen to us that are outside of our control. My heart goes out to you.

Thanx for sharing this! This is a serious subject taken too lightly by many today! But while it is embarrassing, and the virus never completely goes away, there are treatments and meds, such as Valtrex, to help control "outbreaks". I hope you have an understanding and caring physician, because that can go a long way in helping you physically and mentally in coping with this disease. Good luck, and hang in there!