If Some People, Had The Nerve!

Some of you Democratics, had any since that God gave a "JACKASS", you still wouldn't have enough brains, to Spread around, (IDIOTS)!  What has that S.O.B. in the Oval office done for this country, yet?  There are three (3) parties in the United States:   The Republican Party,  The  Indpendent Party.  And the Democratic (Socialist or better known as the Communist Party)..   If , you think OBAMA is a good President, then why in the Hell do you still support Him, he's a IDIOT!  Every timehe talks, he flip-flops in his speaking.  He says, one thing and then turns right around and says another thing.  I, personnelly ddn't vote fo Him, because I cannot trust some one that young to run our country.  He is younger than myself, he is only 48 yrs old.  With no experience!!!!!!!!!!


We The People, have the Highest, Unemployement in the country, no Health Insurance.  We bail-out Big company's with spending your tax dollars!  He has spent enough money, that your children, will be paying off in the 22nd century!  So, America, You better Wake Up!  The Country is Fading Fast!  I live in West Virginia, and I don't support Robert Byrd, Jay Rockfeller, and or Nick Joe Rahall.  I have meet them in person, and to be to honest with you, I wasn't impressed at All!  Th mean nothing to me or any others, that I have talked, too!  Everybody, in the southern part state are just waiting for Byrd to die, he has to be wheel-chaired into the Senate building, and when you call Jay Rockfellers office, you get a busy signal, and who knows where Nick Joe Rahall, is?  Your guess, is as good as mine?  We, need leadership, in this Mighty State of West Virginia, and others.  The people, here in this state, complain, that when there electric bill goes up, and America Electric Power, wants to put up Wind Farms, to find a new source of generating electricity, Clean, and not burning coal (which WV has alot of), they complain, that the Wind Mill Farms, will ruin the looks of the mountains, you cannot Please everybody!  I would  our state to Go Green if possible!  I depend on it for Your Kids!!!!!!!

pepsiboy pepsiboy
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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

I agree completely with everything you say about Obama. I am also from WV and like to **** myself commando. Great stories.