Dear Scum Bag,

This is to The lowest man on this earth.

You are a nasty pig ****, i hope you will never find love for the rest of your dumb ***,
worthless-as-**** life. Go ruin another persons life you fat *** scum bag! I scold your mother for ever giving birth to such a **** poor excuse of a man. You may thought screwing around for a year would be great, but you were ******* wrong! Did you ever think ONCE that she had a husband, that she had CHILDREN? You have ruined my life! do you understand? I can never look at my mother the same way again. I hate you with all my heart! My blood reeks of hatred for your pathetic ******* life. YOU ARE WORTHLESS! You ruined it! MY LIFE! I am ******* 16 years old and now i must live for the rest of my life knowing that you ****** my mother! and you made her lie to me, my dad!

I hope to god that one day you are punished for ruining my life. Words cannot describe how ******* ugly your **** ***, homely as **** **** face, soul is. I will never wish death to anyone, you dont deseve it. you deserve to suffer a long, horrible ******* life. **** you!

The women's daughter that you had an affair with for a year.
whocares07 whocares07
Jul 25, 2010