Tried to kill myself by swallowing two bottles of medication until most were coughed and heimliched back up. Some I did swallow I think but I'm feeling sedated instead, so I'm guessing it was the antidepressant ones that hit me...I should be fine though. I just can't stand this anymore.
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I no what your going through, I don't the exact thing, though mine where anxiety tablets and a bottle of bourbon.

However that's not the point...

I believe, if your feeling like this, leave what is making you feel like this, do what makes you feel good and happy.
Go on a holiday and just never come back home.
A fresh start might be the best solution.

If you want to chat I'm here

How many mg did you take of what? You may need to go to the emergency room and have your stomach pumped.

): when did this happen? I know how it feels, but please seek help.