I'm Excited About Going Back To School

I love learning and have so far taught myself just about everything I have learned. I didn't want to spend a lot on a college education when I can do it for less at the public library, But recently I have been longing to interact with other students and professors and challenge myself. I am looking at Grand Canyon University on -line. With my mental illness and agoraphobia and on-line degree is ideal. I'm interested in the religious studies program that prepares people for chaplaincy, or being a pastor. I want to write Christian books. At my age, 45, going back to school feels like being 20 again. It's a new beginning and a chance to grow as a person. I feel I have God's blessing on this and hope to do my best. thanks for reading.
TolstoiFan TolstoiFan
41-45, F
Oct 29, 2011