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My mom is 39 turning 40. She's a great mom, she has 5 kids. She adopted all of us and she takes care of each and every one of us like a mother should. So, anyways we are planning her 40th bithday party and she has no idea about it. My mom goes to Haiti for missionary trips and she loves everyone of them are like her children. I am getting a whole bunch of people to help me with a Haitian theme party. It will be great, I am excited about it.  I need some idea's on planning the party.  So, if anyone has any idea's it would be greatly appretiated.  

Thank you,
Victoria Bowling  

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How long do you have? I have been trying to sell a book about Haitian culture on eBay forever and nobody wants it, so I may as well give it away. If you contact me privately and give me an address to send it to (doesn't have to be yours, you can use a commercial address or whatever, anywhere safe to send it) I can send it to you. You may get ideas in it or just give her the book as a gift?