Cayo Jueso

I've decided that if I don't start chillin' out more that I'm surely going to die... if not by my own hand then from the ulcer and heart-attack sure to come any day now. I'm stressed over money, children, work, the X, friends and more and I just let it hit me way too hard.

My first plan of action is for next month and I hope I go through with it. I passed along a video of an Art Gala that featured my late Great Tio's work, to a friend. I'd been sharing his art with him for years and when I sent this email the reply was 'so let's go'. I did the "LOL yeah right" thing and got back 'so let's go' again. Well you know what... I think that's a freakin' good idea! Why not go... ?!?

The plan is to leave on Friday night and drive to the Miami area. To save money we'll split the gas and stay the 1st night with a friend. Saturday morning we make the trip over to the keys where we can see the sights, my Tio's work at the museum and the park that they are building in his honor. Then get a cheap hotel for the night (two beds) and drive back on Sunday. It's an easy weekend away and I can brown bag it if need be. I just need a vacation and my promise to myself for 2010 is to travel and get the heck out of dodge!


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1 Response Jul 14, 2009

Good for you! We all need a lil vacation once in a while..