Check gun ownership off my To-Do List. 

Went out today and purchased a 20 gauge shotgun and a 22 calibar rifle.  I haven't shot in about 30 years, but am looking for a shooting range and a gun safety course for the kids.  I was surprised that there was ammo on the shelves because I have heard that most stores are sold out as people are stocking up.

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i have enjoyed talking to you and yes i agree with what you have said here. . most of the people i see daily that are talking about this is are very emotional, paranoid and they throw that attitude to us, and i listen to this 8 hours each day since about Oct 2008.they basically are irrational in their attitudes, claiming that we are deliberately not selling it. but yes i agree that we should be prepared for many times of uncertainty, but some people are acting like surviorists.thanks

I don't want to live in fear either, but shouldn't we be wise and have a plan? <br />
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If the economy does not collapse my food storage will not go to waste, I will eat it; my land will not go to waste, we can retire there; my guns will not go to waste, we can learn to shoot for recreation; my savings will not go to waste, we can use it for retirement.<br />
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Being a good servant of God means to be faithful and wise. <br />
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It is my responsibility as a parent to protect and provide for my children. I think that I would be remiss if I did not have a plan in action. Isn't that what we do when we provide them health insurance? We don't want them to have a horrible illness or injury, but we are prepared to provide them the medical care if it happens.<br />
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I am replacing fear with empowerment.

i just want people to understand a few things. find times first moments. people have been talking about the last days. also i am all for people being prepared for whatever happens. but do i want to live in fear and chaos now when this or something else may or may not happen. living positive for today is more important then to live in fear of anything.if i save and fear whatever horrible thing may happen and get hit by a bus today and die why waste my life on fear. God wants us to use our head and take care of ourselves and others. now.

My mother-in-law is a Morman and the Morman Church is warning it's members to stock up on cash and (as always) food storage. They (the church) monitor world-wide news and are stepping up their calls for preparedness.<br />
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I found a website on survival and one thing that they say is to have cash on hand (coins are better). I have also read that silver coins printed before 1965 are made with more silver and are more valuable.<br />
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Don't be afraid. Take charge and be proactive!

My father who was a Seventh Day Adventist preached to me my entire life about the last days. (thank you for your sympathy). In the last days money will no longer be worth anything. You should have gold, silver and other precious metals to barter with. The Catholic Church will collapse and so will the stock market. Both of which are coming to fruition. There will be fires, sickness and anarchy. I never believed him until now I am very scared. I have had dreams of the end of the world since I was young. Perhaps it was a premonition. God help us all if he was right.

True that it may not be "as bad as all of the doom and gloom say it is" but aren't you glad that you are prepared in case it is?<br />
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I worry about those who are not preparing.

i work in a store that is having trouble keeping ammo in stock and it is because people have been paranoid and stockpiling it since about sept oct 2008. they are the ones that i am concerned about. everyday i listen to them blame everything on the present president but these people were creating this problem before he was even in office. i am prepared the same way that we have always prepared. we have always had at least 6 months of income set aside and we buy in bulk, staples like beans, rice, oats. we do not have any credit. and pay in cash. so if it does hit we will try to best ride it out and help our neighbors and friends as we can. whatever happens God will get us thru this and it probably won't be as bad as all of the doom and gloom say it is.