Turning To Ep Instead

Well..I have visited 4 wedding planning forums now and I've found them to be absolutely terrible if all you want is a little guidance and support. Some of the issues I've faced in the run up have been very emotionally difficult and the rollercoaster of emotions has been twice as hard.

Take for example, this afternoon, my Mum suggested I moved forward our wedding date now my fiancé and I have our own apartment. A close relative is terminally ill at the moment and my emotions are flipping out all over the place, one minute I can't wait to walk the aisle, the net..I wish my Grandad was there! Thinking that other brides would be delighted in me chopping a year off of my proposed date I posted it on a forum, what I actually got was tearing apart by groups of people about mourning my relative and they couldn't bear planning a wedding at this time. I am, very deeply, but my relative has been so ill for so long that all I could pray for now is that she is comfortable. I have been planning my wedding for some time, having got engaged last year.. My fiancé has been there to support me through it all and sometimes the only thing I have to keep me going is planning my wedding.

In another incident I asked for some advice in telling a girl I knew that she couldn't come to my wedding as she has quite serious mental health difficulties and doesn't understand that we are only having a small wedding. It's not that I hate her, she's a lovely girl, but as our wedding will be close friends and family only I've had to turn a lot of friends away and she is by no means alone. Thinking some girls would help me find a nice way to word it, I asked, what actually happened was that I got torn apart about disliking mentally disabled people.

On a final note..I;m going to say 2 words now that will make all planning brides wince...The Knot.

Rant over, here I am on EP. I've been here for several months, though I've never thought to turn to fellow EPers about my wedding. Then it clicked, EP is full of level minded people who nearly always offer clean cut guidance based on what they know!

I do have to talk to my fiancé tonight about our proposed new wedding date, if all goes well, I shall keep fellow EP brides posted!

Bye for now

CA x
CorruptedAngel CorruptedAngel
26-30, F
Sep 21, 2011