I'm Planning It On My Own And I"m Stressed

I'm getting married August 4th 2012 and I'm stressed. Although I have most of the things done for the wedding there is still stuff that I have to do that I have no idea about. And every time I ask for help I get made fun of for it and for being stressed.

I became engaged in September and have been pretty stressed about the wedding since then. I've had to deal with my divorced parents arguing, bashing, fighting over dollars and cents. I have had to hear negative comments from my family about the wedding from day one. I've had to deal with my fiance's mom since day one, hopefully we have her put in her place now. I've had to hear people who have volunteered to help basically come up with a million reasons why they can't actually follow through once I take them up on it. Every time I ask for help I get made fun of because I'm asking and because I"m stressed. I have no clue what I'm doing and instead of getting help I"m being made fun of.

I get that I still have 2 months to go and that most of the big things are done but at the same time there are still a lot of little things I have to do and have questions about and no one seems to want to answer them without making fun of me, being rude, or being negative.

I am stressed beyond belief and I have no one to ask for help from. My maid of honor is trying to be as helpful as possible but she lives pretty far away from me right now and she is busy with her stuff as well so she is only so helpful. She means well but there is only so much she can do from a distance. She will be here in July but some of the things I have to get done I was told I needed by June.
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