Planning The Pregnancy

My boyfriend and I have started talking about having a baby soon. We've had some issues in the past (I miscarried not too long ago) and we have, since that time, wanted to get pregnant again.

We've realized just how much work is going to go into this. We're not sure when the best time is (No one really knows!), but we do know that we want to be young parents. We've discussed marriage, and we're not sure if we want to be married first and then get pregnant, or vice versa.

We have the financial stability to care for a child now, money is not a problem, so now it is just up to planning, etc. When I added this group, I decided I'd use the term "soon" very loosely. We're not rushing, yet, haha. We're planning to move closer to my parents, as my father is putting a down payment on a house close to theirs. My parents live in wine county and the area around it is very community oriented, which we really want for our children.

Lately we have been going to IKEA a lot, looking for little things to start buying before we start "trying" to make the little bundle. We're both very excited, but looking at the idea with caution and care.

Right now, our main goal is to enjoy each other. And that's all right with me ;}
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1 Response Mar 19, 2012

aww...very sweet...good luck!

Awe, thanks! It'll be needed when we start trying =)