Heeeelpppp!!! I Can't Decide !!!

Hey, friends!!! 

I need your help, I can't decide what to choose. Let's choose wedding cake and cookies and all yummies together!!!!

I chose some I liked. 

 This ones looks nice.                                             

1. Chocolate with praline cream.              



  2. With vanilla pudding and fruit (I like itttt)   



This is typical wedding cake. 

3. with almonds and caramel cream inside           



4. oh, I like this with fruit, hmm i'm confused           




And here are some small pies and cakes and biscuits:    



  B)  (icy cupcakes, to cool down)


     C) (fresh strawberries)                              



D) (chocolate cookies)




 F) (mixed)



G) baked apple in hot chocolate


something salty:


 for nut lovers                                         


cheese crackers 







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15 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I agreed :)

::)))))))))))))))))))))) hahahah Shinieee! :D <br />
<br />
take anytihng you want! :)

hahahahah I have laugh attack :D, ok girls, let's have everytihng!

lol, who said 2? Choose 5 :D

hahha, I'm also hungry, hehe

heeey, but tell me WHICH????? or you want all ?

which one do you like most? (*making notes*)

heh everything looks good:)

good girl!<br />
one cake will not do any bad :D yum yum *takes one of cheesy*, im hungry

*takes one of mixed*<br />
if i get fat i ll tickle u till u say stop!!

oh, did I? so take a piece of whatever you like now hehe.<br />
I'm waiting for Shine, she will be crazy when she sees this. :D

u made me hungry heh

what, you don't like it? if not, tell me what you like, will add in the list :) hihihi

omg *closes eyes* hehe

hahhahahha :D I know you love alllll. Because you can eat anytihng :D