I'm Sick Of Family Holidays And Home Bound Summers!


A few friends and I have been toying with the idea of hitting mainland Europe with a month long train ticket and plenty of spirit! Only problem is none of us have done this before so we know NOTHING, I understand the way to do it is to stay in hostels which are easily found with a few questions in cafes or tourist centers. If anyone has a Website for a hostel branch that covers all of Europe that would be orgasmic!

Second problem! Money! Yes if I wanted I could transfer a **** load of sterling into that dirty Euro and spend all of my holiday twitching and constantly hugging the money. If possible I would prefer someone to suggest a bank account and or system allowing me to carry the lovely bit of plastic for which to activate money giving devices.

I've probably forgotten half my worries but hey remind me!

MarcusGault MarcusGault
18-21, M
Feb 15, 2010