Future Amputee

I am planning on having my right leg amputated soon due to my leg having multiple injuries and a bad infection from flying off a motorbike September last year. There were a few attempts to try save my leg but I have been given a choice to either go for many years of ops and pain and still no guarantee that my leg will come right, or have it amputated, recover and use a prosthetic and possibly walking and back to normal life within a year. After many tears and some deep thinking, and the support of my loved ones, i have chosen to amputate. I know its going to be extremely hard for mr as my left arm is also broken and needs work done, therefore it will be even more difficult for me to use crutches effectively. But i am determined and have high hopes that i will succeed in the end. I am a little worried though as i also have a rod in my thigh and am not sure if it will all heal up properly, and recently i have noticed a hard lump at the top of my thigh. Im really hoping it is not a tumour as that will just crush my dreams to ever walk again. I just pray that all will work out in the end...
demi25 demi25
Jul 29, 2010