I Start Planning For My Home

I always dream to have a home of my dream, a home that i always like to have and i work hard to achieve that, i wish if i have someone else to share my dreams and provide me feedback motivates me give me hope soo i can ... funny ...its always  I can or i wish...or i dream or or or...kinda sick life.

But i have to deal with this sickness and move on.

I like to have 5 or 7 bedroom , basement, 4 cars garage, lawn, a green house in the back, red roses on the front . i like to have annexe for guest

i like to make interior simple and nice ...

 living room... kitchen , bedrooms... plus i like to have a big multi media room, gaming room with a huge projector screen.


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2 Responses Feb 8, 2009

thanx gat2drgn, i will try

Some things you can do to make that happen faster. One find yourself an architectural designer, not an architect. Two be the boss, find time to look over the construction, And do your own finish work. You know the slogan "You can do it, we can help". It will be far cheeper to build a new home that meets the above description than to find and buy one that meets the description above. BUt if you learn as you go and start small. It will be amazing what you can accoplish.