With the Welfare Office

i hate this. i havent been on welfare in years. i now remember why i hated it. once you get it, its great; but waiting to qualify is ridiculous and often very tedious. i understand their need to catalogue your entire life before they deem you worthy of free services. and i shouldnt complain, once they review my application i'll be moved up as a priority case. plus i opted for a phone interview, that will eliminate the waiting game in the actual welfare office. my income is greatly lower than my bills so i'll qualify for emergency foodstamps. that part of my app will be processed within a day or two. and then my kids' medicaid will come shortly after. thats the one i'm seriously waiting for. my son has eczema, or something of that nature. i feel sorry for the little guy, he's always itching. i carry around aveeno no matter where we go. plus he takes oatmeal baths. and the little guy is too itchy to sleep unless i rub lotion on him right before bed. and that aveeno is expensive!!! $9 for 6oz!!! and to top it off, my son is behind on his immunizations. i think my daughter is too. and my middle child needs to go to the eye doctor. she had a severe lazy eye that i swear was getting better on its own, but now that i have no insurance, its starting to act up again!!! other than medicaid and foodstamps, i chose not to apply for TANF (temporary assistance for needy families). i know i'll qualify, but i'm honestly not ready to file for child support, which i would be required to do if i accepted TANF. i'm still trying to give my ex the benefit of the doubt where our kids are concerned. plus i dont want him to wind up in jail; as of right now, that would screw both of us. but if push comes to shove, i will do what i need to do, cause quite frankly, i'm sick of playing the waiting game with him too. hopefully everything will work out for the best...if only i knew what was for the best, that would make things a lot f-cking easier!

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thanks meg....i started to notice that when i give him a bath, he seems really itchy right when he gets out. i have the same problem, but nowhere near as severe as his. but the poor little guy loves bath time :(

thanks cc. i do have good news to report. i have my phone interview with the welfare office on may 30th at 3:00 p.m.<br />
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as for the child support dilemma, i have a financial responsibilty and custody agreement already typed and printed out. all i need to do is have it signed and notarized. hopefully he'll do the right thing. if not, i'll do whats necessary and take him to court.

HAHA....thanks for making me smile :)

i just want to dip logan in some sort of moisturizer. his poor skin soaks it up so quick though, its ridiculous

Well I hope everything goes smoothly for you. Waiting game sucks.