Ive put on even more weight-today I hit 165. My thighs are always rubbing each other when I walk, and I think I'm actually starting to waddle. My bellys gotten much bigger, still pushing up my shirts and rejecting them, as if to say "I wont wear what you put on me while I'm growing fatter." I had a coworker ask why I dont wear my small pants anymore, and I had to admit that I've finally ripped them with all my new fat. My belly really jiggles now when I walk, and I've gotten much lazier the bigger I get. My second chin is starting to come in, and even while I write this I'm eating in bed. :)
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6 Responses Aug 17, 2014

U should write a new story now that your 190 :)

Congrats, good you like it ;)

Good job and eat well! Getting fatter is wonderful! :)

Eating in bed is a sign you can never be without food and it will make you fatter.


Glad your loveing the fat life :)