Yay!!! Ok so I will hopefully be able to write on this everyday for a while it's kinda gunna be like a blog

Today I was taking the bus to work but I had to run to the stop because I was late. I used to work out loads so I am still a fast runner( so I thought)

I began racing to the stop as the bus pulled in and believe u me I am so un fit now I can barely jog my flabby belly bounces up and down and it hurts my lungs after 5 steps! Result!! I missed the bus of calls and everyone was staring at me disapprovingly as I bounced on the bus and plonked my fat bum or huge podgy *** down on the 30 minute later bus.

The even more amazing thing is at the bus stop there's a subway right next to it....I ended up getting 2 buffalo chicken sandwiches chips,cookies and to wash it down coke! Oh and a tacky ice cream from the van that pulled up!! I felt amazing

Just to let u know whilst I was on the bus a skinny woman infront of me was reading a gossip type of magazine and I saw a article about losing 100lbs after beeing 400lbs there was a before and after picture and the women in the before but looked so sexy I dicided to raise my goal to 360lbs

Let's do this!
SherbertGainer SherbertGainer
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6 Responses Aug 20, 2014

The before pictures are always more beautiful and sexy than the after ones! ;)

You have been very successful.

Did you like it that you were out of shape then?

I sooooo agree with you hon !

Awesome, always good to have biiiig goals xD

Sorry everyone I mean 320lbs !!!

How much fun was this?