Plus Size............

Sometimes gets me down but my husband loves me not just for who I am, but just like I am...........for that I'm thankful!

JojoWazoo JojoWazoo
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6 Responses Feb 14, 2009

I really never thought men were shallow. Some of both sexes are shallow for various reasons. Everyone has their own opinion of what appeals to them, though. <br />
You're right about out media. I just dislike the way the media and society portray people who are plus size!

consider this, Our media and consumer driven economy create the "image" of what is beautiful. Plus, a girlfriend of mine told me that women "dress-up" not to impress the men but to impress the other women. It is rarely the man that demands "beauty perfection". most men would trade looks for common interests and personality...consider this the next time you feel that men are shallow....they may be that but not for the reasons or excuses usually given...PaL

Well Cowboy, you are one of the special men in the world!

men get very little credit for our sensitivity and ability to love someone for their mind, humor, kindness and yes their plus size figure...I have always loved women with curves and a great smile....dimples a plus. PaL

Some things you can't change and others are hard to change, my weight is one of those things that's hard to change, so I just go with it. My father always said "life is what you make it" and to a certain extent, I believe that's true! Some things are out of your control.

It is nice to see women who like themselves as they are ..