My Polish Ancestors Are Historically Famous...

They left their life in Poland, to come to North America. Two of their three sons died as a result. They worked farmland for an even split, where they settled as immigrants. The landowner was so impressed with my ancestor's work ethic, as a shining example of all Polish people, that he made him an offer. "If all Polish people are as agreeable and hard working as you are, I will hire as many as you care to invite. Within the year, 75 families moved to that tiny town in Texas, and the town is considered Polish as a result. There are historical markers beside my ancestors' graves, crediting them with this historical occurence.
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You made me smile sifting. Every June is the big celebration there. I am planning on going. I have never been before. It's a tiny town, but a big deal, from what I hear.

You DO make a difference. You keep alive their memories and you make their story available to the world. This is what we all must do. I want to get on a plane and go to Texas now!!!

I am so glad you liked it. I am so proud of my heritage, and thankful for their sacrifice. I don't know whether or not they would say the same of me. I work hard, but wonder sometimes if I make a difference.

That is an AWESOME story!!!!!!!! It's so inspiring!

I hope that you are holding up to your ancesters hard work and point of view. <br />
Its nice to hear that some folks in the past did make a difference.