Proud Of History. Furious On Unions And Wrong Authorities

I am observing least events, connected to our national sign. The White Eagle, is a sign of our state from the Middle Ages. It always appeared on kings' residences, kinghts' shields and armours. It is always seen on courts, schools, hospitals, and another government buildings and self-gpvernment building. This sign was always on diplomatic offices. It was always shown on sport trecks. Our planes, not only that military, but also civil, have got an Eagle on their wings. Also sportsmen, policemen, solidiers and firemen have got an eagle on caps, uniforms and vehicles. The sign of Eagle always is present with our Olympic Mission. And suddenly...our footbal authorities, before a great historic event, as first Europain Championships, remove this nearly saint sign out of t-shirts worn by our footballists. What is worse, it spread out in stright neigbourhood of the greatest our national festival, The Independence Day, which is also our great symbol of strenght and pride.
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1 Response Nov 21, 2011

Interesting. I am sure there is more to the story from the historical point as well as your personal reasoning.