My Fantisy Became Reality

So here I am its a typical Saturday. I'm in the kitchen doing the dishes in nothing but a gstring. Just the way I like it half naked. I have a big round ***.
I heard a noise from the other room I turned around just for a second, thinking to my self it was probably nothing. So I carried on. I am always horniest when I'm wearing a thong so I took a break from my dishes and sat down in a chair and marturbated moaning and squeeling. All of the sudden there's a mans hand on my mouth . He put his arm around my waste pulling me to my feet. Then placing a gag tie in my mouth. I was scared for a minute untill his hand around my chest roughly grabbing my brest with the other hand massaging my ****. If I let out a muffled scream of enjoyment. I hadent seen his face , that part scared me. Who came into my home and is now taking ful lavantage of mecould it be my husband? He began sucking and bitting my neck while he's fingers were all the way inside my dripping wet *****. He did that untill I came all over them. Then he lifted me up face down on the counter. He began thrusting what seemed like a never ending **** inside me. Mmmmmmmmmm he pulled out for a minute an began liking biting squeezing my *** . Then he ****** me again untill h eand I came. I really enjoyed him he got me down from the counter and placed a blindfold over my eyes, tied me to a chair and lef tM.e? Why me? When would someone be home to untie me? How would I exsplain this to my husband?
shhhme shhhme
26-30, F
May 20, 2012