Yes, My Darling...

It’s not a new story, I posted it centuries ago, when I had my first account here, but I thought I should have it here again, since it describes my very first, significant adventure with the English language.

As some of you know, English is not my first language. There was a time, when, thanks to my dad, I could only respond to one question in English. He taught me that whenever someone asked me 'Do you speak English?' I should always reply...'Yes, my darling'. I didn't know what it meant, I simply assumed that it was the right reply to this question. Cool dad, huh?! And then one year, when I was about 7, we went to Greece with my parents. In the hotel where we were staying there was a very handsome, tall, dark and 20 - something receptionist. He was always very nice to me, and I had a slight crush on him. And one day he asked me if I spoke English...You can imagine how much fun all the people who heard my reply had...I was so embarrassed that I couldn't look the guy in the eye for the rest of our stay there!

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Haha... Awww... :-)

I know, I know... :)

I'm so glad that you posted this story again because I love it! I can just picture little Spring innocently saying those words :-) And I can picture your father being so proud of himself for the little joke he played on you....... And I can empathize with little Spring for her embarrassment because I had a father just like yours! hehe

It was REALLY embarrassing...Fathers!