The 70th Anniversary Of National Armed Forces

They were brutally pacificated, sometimes put into prison where faced false accusations in front of stalinistic 'judges'. People Republic of Poland's - soviet occupation state - propaganda held they were facist and dangerous to the social marxist order. Only the latter is true. They were indeed dangerous for those for whom 'God Honour and Homeland' was thing to fight with. They held their patches saying: 'Death to Homeland's Enemies' and enforced this motto with great determination.

Forgotten by many of Poles so called 'Doomed Soldiers' were the people who fought with every enemy that Polish nation had. They never betrayed and never gave up the fight - last groups of NAF partisans were fighting against communism even in late 50s.

The story of NAF is a strory of bravery that goes beond any measure and about lies and actions of weak people. About lies that are triumphing even now and hope that in the future more Poles will remember.

And there is something for all of us in it, it doesn't matter wheter you live abroad or in Poland - we need to form our own historical narration because most of which we are thought are narrations of our former or present enemies. And they have no interest in telling the truth about us.

Remember those brave men.

Cześć i chwała Bohaterom!

Pozdrowienia z Warszawy,

PS. For English-only Poles:
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Sep 21, 2012