I Am Originated From Noble Folks ;)

my great grandmother was polish princess but fell in love with cab driver...then called differently of course..well i dont know the english name but it was the guy who whips horses to get cariage moving....well she was expelled from family and deprived from title and heritage or so called will and moved to latvia where she lived in quite a ordinary life and had loads of children ...of whom the youngest was my beloved grand father ...really great guy used to repair cars and was driver all his life for sweets factory (he never eat raisins and nuts coz knew thru how many dirty store houses they go thru) ........... his son have the same business...as a matter of fact thru the generations drivers make the best guys in the world..and what an intersting folks they are

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1 Response Sep 17, 2008

Haha yes. Ah you mean a cabman? Cabbies are a talkative bunch too, usually. Nice story, Cherry. If you feel like chatting do feel free to write to me, I always try to respond as soon as I can.