Thinking Of Going Mono For Pragmatic Reasons.

I am currently seeing one girl, but she is moving a long way from me soon and we have agreed not to try to keep up a long-distance relationship.  In any case, the relationship is more "friends who sleep together" than anything else.  We met on a dating site and I specified I was poly.  I think she assumes that means no commitment and she, for example, almost never puts even a kiss at the end of a text (and rarely texts other than to arrange the next weekly date).

So at the moment I have no real commitments and no clear prospects of any dates when she moves away.  I have been on a number of dating sites for a long time and I have in the past week removed the explicit reference to poly in my profile on a couple of sites.  Basically I am thinking it is hard enough for me to get one girlfriend let alone two at the moment so why put the barrier in the way?  I still think poly is a good idea.

I am also aware that I don't really fit into the UK poly "scene" which is dominated by bi people and people who are into role-playing (in the dungeons and dragons sense) Dr Who, and having endless debates on whether you should use "bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, etc etc".  Some of them are very nice but I do not feel part of it.  And I think in the poly scene if I already had one or two partners people find you interesting but seem to assume there must be something wrong with you if single.
Phanuel Phanuel
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Ideally I am looking for a poly relationship. But as I am not part of the poly scene, it means trying to get the concept over to people who aren't familiar with it. Which is tricky. I guess the point of the post above was that I would rather be mono for pragmatic reasons than poly but with no partners.

are you looking for a poly relaiship or are u just venting?