Never Finding

i was married once,35 years ago,i've been single all these years because i have never found my true loves.yes,loves!,I feel in love with my aunt and here siblings at the young ahe of ten.i miss those that im older it feels even more deeper to me,i like the poly life or at leaste the idea of it.we all care,love and live see,i[m stuck in the middle,i'm bisexual,and i'm firm on that.been that way since 5 and no tuening back,my parents where total screwups,not withstanding,but my aunt and her kids where the most loving people i have evere met.with them i had joy,love ,fun and yes,sex.i've never matched it or come close to those times and i wish i be a total family is remarkable to me,only in my pnly have a family like that,,,,.......

catusblue catusblue
Aug 11, 2010