Bisexuality And Polyamory A Natural Connection, Or Not

I have been recently coming out as a middle-aged, married, bisexual man. I am in my 50s so this has been a long time in coming. I originally thought that people would have a hard time dealing with my bisexuality when in fact that hasn't really been the case. What has been difficult for just about everyone I know is accepting the fact that I have a male lover and even more shocking is that it is OK with my wife.

I blogged about it this week —

I am wondering if there are other bisexual polyamory people out there who have experienced the same thing. My therapist said to me when we were talking about all this that it is difficult for people to accept others who are living out the fantasies that they have worked so hard to repress.
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Maybe your wife loves you so much.. I'm a straight girl and having an affair with a gay/bi. He don't have a boyfriend me either but I always find him looking @ gay sites and guys..

I am bisexual a is my partner and we are in a polyamorous relationship also

Very helpful indeed! I Have told him it would be a great turn on to me if he would let me watch. I have invited the idea...;) I sure hope we can work on this more. Huggs

Wow.. I really wish he would let me be invilved, I think he is really thinking about it.. He has had to keep this part of him so secret for so long that having me now, knowing and not judging him for it is differient for him, so he is getting use to it, We have been married for 3 yrs now, I only found out last summer. But I have told him honesty at this point is so very important, But I am not pushy so we shall see..;) Thanks Doll.. Nice someone has been there and I can talk about it..

I am married to a bisexual polyamory ......I would love to share this with him but he would rather keep it to himself. So now I would like to find a female partner..

I am poly, my partner is bi. He doesn't have a boyfriend at the moment, (he has another girlfriend). I keep hoping he'll find a man to connect with, but I suppose it will happen when the time is right.<br />
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I've found a lot people just don't get polyamory in general. Sounds like your therapist is supportive at least; major plus there. Personally, I've always been very much a geek, and poly is generally pretty accepted in the geek/nerd subculture. It's the 'regular' folks I know who can't handle it.<br />
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I find it ironic and a bit disturbing that our culture is more ok with cheating then honest multiple relationships.