Im Poly :)

Im currently in a Poly Triad.  The couple i join'd with are married.  Thus far things go well, we're trying to find a house so that we can all live together.  none of us have children at this time, but we would like to in the future, we live in Michigan and have a really hard time finding people in this area who are poly and can share things with us.  Michigan is a very conservative state, which sucks..

we're very diverse as a group, Myself being Irish_African American and 25, The other woman is a 33 year old Asian-Dutch American and the Male being a 33 year old white male.

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My wife and I are in Tx, so finding others like us is really hard. We have been looking for a female to complete our triad for some time now. I mainly want her to select the person we choose because I think it would make everyone feel more comfortable. We just can't seem to find the right one in Texas. Anyone have suggestions? We are both African American open to all backgrounds.

I'm a farmer and your love story sounds fantastic , I'm a farmer 53 and all my kids are grown up I have animals and crops to take care of would be nice to have a family again but people tell me I'm too old I grow organic , this farm is self sustainable my newest venture is raising sheep I'm lonely but I'm doing ok wish I could start a triad relationship again had one back in the early 80s only lasted 15 years both met other partners online and I wished them luck were still friends

Could see myself involved in a poly relationship... Either FMF or MFM...depends on individuals & couples mind set & if we start creating bonds.

It is great seeing people openly discuss this in a forum.. I am always amazed at the intelligence of people half my age. I wish I had been so when I was in my 20's. Now that I am 48, finding poly mates is almost impossible. Best wishes to you all!

:O! I am also with a married couple, and we live in Michigan as well! I am 21 and a woman. I know no one else in my situation. I know what you mean about Michigan being conservative :( We tell very, very few people. I'm so surprised to see you. You just made my day.

Good luck! I am so happy that there are people out there who are living a similar lifestyle to what we want.

Any suggestions on how to find a gal for a MFF triad? My husband and I would really love to add another woman to our little family, but the local LGBT community is very hostile to bisexual women. Hope everyone else has wonderful lives! :-)

LGBT, ... Lesbian, Gay, "BISEXUAL", Transgendered.

i guess they don't understand the "B"

your not alone here in michigan at all. There are many like minded people here but due to social views we have found it better to keep to ourselves. My wife and I are currently looking for a sister wife to share life with and while I understand your fine in your relationship if you would like to touch base and talk with another like minded couple feel free to message us.

I'm in new York were all young I'm looking four poly friends so add me :) its me I'm Asian and African amircan and my wife she's African amircan and Spanish jss like our husband we have 2 kids their one and we love to make friendss :) its lonely in ny

We're in California, and it's hard here to. We're trying to figure out how to get the lifestyle started, we want another woman to share our lives with. Sue & John

nice to meet you poly i'm david.

Hi, Thank you for sharing your story. Best of luck! I am in a lovely triad. We live in the county of Kent in England. It is certainly difficult being poly. We wouldn't change it for the world. Oh and by the way we are expecting our first child in June! Once again good luck and be well

I am in MI and would love to meet sometime!

I have myself and another woman but we are looking for a man and a city we can all be comfortable with. We want a 3 way marriage, one family, one marriage bed. In other words we are both bi-sexual. Msg me if you are interested. This is not a joke and I don't want a bunch of pervs. We want a loving marriage.

LOL, I wish I were available! Good luck!

Ever consider WA?

i think its great,,my friends and i are looking at creating a household that way soon. just have to chat and get the right people/.

I'm about to move in with my couple! Best of luck to you! :)

we are also in Battle Creek and find it hard to locate anyone like minded. we're seeking a secondary male at some point to join our MF poly family.

very open to that..friends i have in Wisc are also trying to start with me a househild

I understand entirely, and want to help all I can. Please respond to

You can let me know how to contact you directly, and we may explore our like interests.

WE have 3 acres here in Missouri by st. Louis, and would welcome someone to add a trailer to our place and live with us in the poly lifestyle. I would love to have a community of like minded people out this way. Its beautiful here, lots of home for sale, low income friendly. Only 40 miles to downtown st. Louis.

we are trying to start one as well

I was married for 18 years in what became a loveless and sexless marriage.

But I married for better or for worse and did not falter when the bad times

arrived. I loved my daughter. She divorced me in 1997 when the stress of it

all got the best of me and I had a breakdown from my Military disability. I

got over it and got better and I met a couple in 2000 and we began a poly

relationship, it had been their dream for years, I certainly fulfilling it

for them. They moved in with me, I had a large home, 5 bedrooms. It was

mostly about sex at first. They wanted new experiences and with me, they

found it. I have always been a highly sex man. It would take too long to

list our fun times together.

Eventually we added three females to our family and our lives and times

were marvelous together. I however, paid for everything, and it became a

drain on my resourses beyoung belief. Nobody else had income, and though it

was a wonderful life it got rather burdonsome. NOW When My mother because

ill, I needed to care for her, So I relocated to be near her. Now I am

without my poly family and miss it so much. I married one of the women I

was poly with, because she was so loving and so very sexually oriented. She

was my perfect match.

We want the poly lifestyle again, and we participate in swinging, the biker

life, and nudism here at our place. I have 3 acres, room for a couple

trailers to be set up. Water is in, septic tank has to be installed, for

more details lets chat.

But now, we miss the closeness that being poly brings. Its proven

difficult to find poly relationships wear we live in the country. I bought

out in the country cause thats what I could afford. Its close to my mother

in St. Charles, but seems farthur than anyone wants to drive. We are 40

miles from downtown St. Louis in Foley, Mo 63347. Its north of Ofallen and

the way to Elseberry, Mo.

WE sure wish, we could meet some women or couples who think like we do, and

desire more than one love interest in their lives. I am a loving man, with

a big heart, and desire more than one women to love in my life. I can't say

though that she isn't happy just by ourselves but she knows how I feel. She

is with me 85%, she wants me to be happy, and loves me so much. She was

part of my big family once before and knows where she stands. I married

her, to keep her by my side even though i didn't have too.

you guys take chances. Ever worry that the other person will tell you to go away, and steal your husband or wife?

not really we all know upfront

You can worry but this is useless because your wife/husband can run with someone else anytime... Not because you are in a poly relationship... I actually think that, since poly relationship are based on honesty, there is less chance of this happening. It's when you are trying to hide something and canMT live with this anymore that you want to leave your partner!

Hi, my huband and I are 29 and 31 and seeking others to educate usin the poly lifestyle - we are interested in adopting this into our life. We have been together for almost 13 years - we do not know anyone else in the area like us - we're near Battle Creek , MI. Any ideas? Thank you.

Hi, my huband and I are 29 and 31 and seeking others to educate usin the poly lifestyle - we are interested in adopting this into our life. We have been together for almost 13 years - we do not know anyone else in the area like us - we're near Battle Creek , MI. Any ideas? Thank you.

friends and i in wisc are starting one also

hi, though it may noy b ur thing, may i suggest checking into the BDSM, or swingers groups in ur area? in case u don'y know BDSM doesn't always include 'beatings or pain' , but i do knoe that the majority of these lifestylers are more tolerant and accepting. I love BDSM and am presently in a BDSM poly relationship with a wonderful couple.

Congrats to you three making it work and best of luck finding a house! Its a tight fit but our triad and 5 (3 full time, 2 part time) kiddos live with us too. Life is good x 3!