I Am Not A Happy Man, Not A Happy Man At All

I got into a huge fight with my ex-girlfriend but there are some things that you must understand before you read about this argument.
I was in a polygamous relationship with two people. A girl and a boy. Now our relationship was fine on my end however the boy and girl did fall apart and end up not dating eachother and I was torn between the both of them, each one wanted me in a relationship and I went for the one who I felt more strongly for, The boy.
Now our relationship was going great, we dated for over a year and all this magical wonderful stuff but a few weeks ago he broke up with me for another man, for reasons that I will probably post in another story.
But through all this time I have found that the girl was always still in love with me for the entire time that I had stayed with the boy, and its not as if my feelings haven't wavered for her.
So I started flirting with her again a few days ago but then she goes "We shouldn't do this, this isn't fair to our ex-boyfriend (Who she is still friends with) , I'm afraid to tell him etc"
Of course I wondered, why is it any of his buisness now? Hes in a relationship, which he jumped into a week after our break up. But she continued to tell me shes afraid to tell him shes still in love with me, things of that nature.
So I stopped flirting with her and I said "We can't do this then", which apparently was the wrong thing to say because she is now pinning it on me how I played with her feelings and I hurt her and how furious she is with me for doing this to her. It just...makes me angry...ugh.
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May 15, 2012