Adding To The Family

Having lived in a large poly household for the last couple of months I have had a lot of time to think, as well as a lot of sex.
I have slept with a different woman every night for the last two months or so. And I have gotten to sleep with a neighbor’s wife that we all just met last weekend. Our neighbor, Chloe, and her husband live across the street from us and a few doors down.

I had been out shopping with my daughter and Cailey and had come home to find a beautiful woman on our couch getting ****** by my wife’s brother. When I walked into the house, Chris told me, “Her name is Chloe. She lives down the street. Her husband is a trucker or something. And she is a hell of a ****.”

Chloe was on her knees sucking Steve and my wife’s brother had just *** in Chloe. I decided to take my turn. I got behind Chloe, slid my **** in her moist, filled ***** and found that she felt really good. After I got off, Chloe sat up and looked at everyone. I introduced myself and she introduced herself. I thought to myself that this had been very, very nice.

What made doing Chloe so special and nice was that she wasn’t my wife or Cailey or my ex wife or any other woman that lived in our house. I found that what I liked most about doing Chloe was that I had not done her before. Although I was last in line to do Chloe, it was very nice to be able to do so.

Chloe is twenty six, been married for three years and her husband is a trucker. After talking with Chloe I found out that she is a family therapist. I asked her what she thought about our family. Chloe said, “I have counseled several families, and this one is the one family that I think has it all together.”

I asked Chloe if she had ever been gang banged before. She said that the one she had just been in was her first. I asked her how she felt about it. Chloe said, “I’m not going to over think this, but I know I liked it. And that is what matters.”

I told Chloe that I thought she was very beautiful. Chloe told me, “To be honest, that is what I liked best about having all of you. I felt beautiful, wanted and enjoyed.” Chloe stated, “In a family, it is important to feel wanted. And today I felt wanted. It is also important to feel you serve a purpose. Today I definitely served a purpose. Today I felt like I mattered.”

Chloe continued, “In my line of work I feel as though I am just a wall sometimes. And I am always trying to help others. I go to work knowing that I am going to hear other people’s problems. I go to work knowing that I am going to be involved in other people’s lives, trying to help them get to the point that you guys are already at.”

I asked Chloe what point that was. Chloe replied, “The point where everyone loves everyone. The point where everyone matters. The point where everyone knows that they matter and are wanted and needed. The point where the only problem is that there are no problems.”

I told Chloe that there were problems, just no real big ones. Chloe asked me what problems we had, as a family. I told Chloe, “The biggest problem is that some people have trouble dealing with the fact that everyone is everyone’s, that no one is anyone’s specifically.” Chloe stated, “And no one should be anyone’s.”

I asked Chloe what her husband would say about that. Chloe told me that she and her husband have talked about this at length. Chloe told me that she and her husband have had talks because he has had affairs with women he knows in other states. I asked Chloe how she dealt with that.

Chloe said, “I told him that I understood that being away can cause a person to get and feel lonely, and that I still loved him.” I asked Chloe if she was going to tell her husband about the gang bang. Chloe thought for a moment, then she responded, “Not sure yet.”I asked Chloe if she would ever do it again. Chloe stated that she wasn’t sure how she felt about this time, other than she felt really good, physically. Mentally, she admitted, she was not sure what to think.

I told Chloe that getting gang banged in our house is a normal part of a day. I reiterated saying, “You just got laid by several men and here we are just talking. It happened. It’s past. And now we move on.” Chloe said, “I guess I could get to that point, but I’m not there right now.”

I asked Chloe if she wanted to get to the point where getting gang banged was a normal thing. She told me she would have to get back to me on that. I smiled and asked, “How many gang bangs will it take for you to know?” Chloe smiled back, “I guess we will have to see.” That told me that her first gang bang wasn’t going to be her last.

I asked Chloe, “From a clinical view, how would you classify our family?” Chloe thought for a minute. Then she stated, “I do not see any emotional issues here. And I feel strongly that differentiation is strong here, too. If I had to give a diagnosis, I would say that, as a family, you guys have really figured things out.”

I told Chloe that I would love to have her and see her as an extended family member. Chloe smiled again, “Well, you’ve already had me. And I think I would love to be a part of this family in some capacity.” I told Chloe that I thought that all of the men in the house would like that as well.

Chloe noticed Cailey listening to us and asked Cailey, “What were your thoughts and how did you feel seeing me with Scott and the other men?” Cailey answered, “I wasn’t sure who you were, but to see a woman in our house having sex with all of the men in the house is not unusual.”

Cailey then stated, “We do have a house rule. If you are in this house you are available to anyone who wants to have sex with you.” Chloe asked Cailey if the women, and even the men, had the ability to say no. Cailey responded saying, “We can, but we don’t.”
Chloe then asked, “So, since I am in the house, does just being in the house mean I have to subscribe to the house rule?” Cailey smiled and responded, “It looks like you already have.”

Chloe then asked Cailey, “So, since a woman or man in the house can say no, why don’t they say no if they want to?” Right then Randy walked up and stood in front of Chloe and asked, “I want you right now. You can say no, but do you want to?”

Chloe looked up to Randy, then at his half hard ****. Then she looked at me, then at Cailey. Then Chloe looked back at Randy’s ****. Chloe then answered Randy asking, “Would it only be you that I would be with?” Randy responded, “At first, yes. Who else joined would be their decision.”

Chloe looked back at me and asked, “Would you be joining us?” I told Chloe that I would love to do her again. I leaned toward Chloe, deep kissed her and said, “I think we would all like to get to know you more.” Chloe smiled and retorted, “And what better way to get to know me than to have sex with me, right?” I smiled and put my hand to her crotch, “I can’t think of a better way.”

Chloe put out her hand to Randy and he helped her stand up. Chloe looked back at me and said, “I think this is going to be good, for all involved.” I told Chloe that I agreed. Cailey added, “You’re the therapist. Let the therapy begin.” Chloe responded to Cailey saying, “I think it already has.”

I had to admit that I didn’t know much about Chloe, other than she had a great body and was tight as hell. I also admitted to Cailey that I would love to have Chloe over to the house a lot. Cailey told me that she felt that Chloe would not be a stranger.

I asked Cailey if it upset her that I just did Chloe without saying anything to her first. Cailey said, “You don’t have to ask my permission to be with anyone. And in this house it is expected that if there is a new woman in the house that every guy is going to want to be with her.” I thanked Cailey for understanding. Then Cailey asked me if I would make love to her. And I said yes.

I have to admit that when Cailey and I were making love my mind was on being with Chloe again. I went soft after a while and Cailey asked me if I wanted to get with Chloe again. I told her yes. Cailey told me to go to Chloe, and that she hoped that she and I could make love longer afterward. I told Cailey that was a promise.

When I got to the bedroom, Chloe was already with Randy, Kyle and Issac. I waited my turn and got to do Chloe anally, vaginally then orally. Chloe stayed the night and slept with Randy and Chris. I got to sleep with Nikki because Steve had decided that he wanted Cailey to sleep with him.

In the morning I got to be with Chloe again. I thought to myself that we had found a new friend and a great new lover. I asked Chloe if she thought she might spend more nights at our house. Chloe stated, “My husband is a trucker, and he has women on the side. I think it would only be right for me, and I don’t think he wants me to be lonely.”

The thing about being part of an intentional family is that it has its perks. I know this. And I think that Chloe has discovered that as well.
As I have said in the past, I love and have always wanted a large family. And it looks like we have one more family member. The way I see it, life doesn’t get much better than this.
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wow, what an amazing lifestyle...I should send my wife over for some therapy

Loved your was well written and very stimulating. Wish I could see the photos to put a face to the characters and would appreciate it if tou would add me as a friend

great story and I'd love to meet Chloe and try her out.

before reading your story i thought it was a fantasy, an amazing life dude and can't imagine how large your family in the end. do you have any plan?

hello, thank you i come reading your life style almost daily i love to read your stories only, i not only love the stories i just really like the way you write them, with as much or little detail as needed, i can also tell you are OCD and have a compulsion to repeat the same things in different ways until it sounds/feels right <br />
<br />
i would love to see the photo's hell i would be shocked if you had videos online?<br />
there is millions of sites that host ****, your video's/pictures would be the no 1 best on the net if everything happens the way you describe it. <br />
<br />
i'd love to see pics/video of you, chris, shane, your daughter, everyone you mentioned in the stories i would really appreciate if you could share what they looked like so i can get a good visual of them as i read. <br />
<br />
please add me as a friend as i have never met another family of sorts like yours in my life and i would GIVE anything or any money in the world to be you and live the life you do! <br />
<br />
Steve, i tried sending you a message but because of the tokens/payment thing it wouldn't let me. anyway hope you get back to me or at least let me check out them pictures

I know that you wish that you got more comments on your stories. I can tell you that I, for one, really enjoy them, and appreciate you taking the time to post them.

Thank You