I Love Most Everyone

I looked up ''Polyamorous". Poly means many, and amor means love. Also it means with the knowledge and consent of all involved. Not a mfm relationship but maybe(?).
In my case polyamorous means I can love and enjoy close sexual contact with many men.
I wanted that in my last LTR but never thought about asking permission.(DUH!) I am a mature woman, don't need permission, but thats why it ended- also he's married- but I digress, sorry

I love one, who lives in the Baltimore area,(married)- never meeting again
I love another in upper WI

I am alone now but I am looking for a couple of sexy guys that wouldn't care to share me.
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61-65, F
3 Responses May 21, 2012

I agree with you and "sendittome" that at our age we need the sexual freedom to be ourselves. After all repression is for the young set.

just the facts...lol...just the facts...

we learn to share at an early age...i don't mind sharing...we you ..meaning you...have so much love to give..it is well worth it..

awe shucks! thanks!