When I Bite

I'm eighteen, I have a boyfriend. He's my first boyfriend, he loves me so. I've never said I love you before and I feel so guilty after each make out session. He doesn't know that I feel nothing when touching him all over. My eyes are open as we kiss. I stare at him sometimes wondering what i've gotten myself into and how how doesn't know half the things that go through my head.
theoliveinyourdrink theoliveinyourdrink
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Get out, there is no chemistry from your side, get out now.

Your 18. You don't have to fall in love with your first every boyfriend. It is ok to break things off if they aren't working. Will he feel sad or hurt? Sure he will. But by breaking it off you are setting the both of you free... him to find someone who loves him, and you to explore and experience the things you want to.
Wandering around in a relationship that feels like a millstone around your neck is bad news.

You're not being fair to the man. Let him know how you think and feel. Let him know you do not love him like he loves you. Be honest with him, then walk away. He needs to live a life of love, not deception. Do the right thing...