We Told Her Our Feelings

Wow, what a relief to have finally said how we feel about our lady friend.

We didn't really want to tell her our feelings for her so soon...but, we had to take our shot because she went a date with a boy recently, and we both know that when a woman's heart is still free, a chance remains. (Sorry if that sounds too monogamist, but I find truth in it)

We all sat down in her room, she wasn't expecting it at all, but...we told her exactly how we felt, and how we'd like for her to be a part of me and my fiancé's love, in other words, for her to be our girlfriend.

She was shocked when we told her we wanted a triad relationship with her, and she remained neutral for most of what we had told her, also she didn't speak much. But, when she did speak she said
"I love both...but no... I can't do this."

We told her that it was fine, and that we hope our feelings for her don't affect our friendship.

Then, shortly after this, she walked us out of the front door.
She hugged me, and she said "I love you." I spoke her name, and immediately told her that I love her as well.

Then she hugged my fiancé and told him that she loves him too. He returned the love as well.

Then we left her home.
Things feel so uncertain right now.

I know we did the right thing in telling her because our hearts told us to do so, and we finally took the chance...but, I really hope this doesn't affect our friendship with her. She is so dear to us, and we wouldn't want our love for her to destroy what we've created.

I guess we will see what happens next.
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I have my fingers crossed that this turns into something special for all of you! Sometimes it takes years after the idea is put in your head... for you to actually accept this as an option... it is such a leap from mainstream, but it really seems to end up making sense to so many people... once we get our mind around the idea. ;) So happy to hear that you opened up to her.

yup, sometimes that 'leap from mainstream' is the only thing holding people back from doing things they'd treasure.

then i'm reminded of the statements about regret, something along the lines of 'do it anyway, then you have nothing to regret when your older looking back on your life'

Thank you! That really means a lot to me... I hope that one day she falls deeply and madly in love with us, like we have with her... I still hold on to hope since she said that she didn't say yes to a triad relationship with us because she only see's us as her best friends. NOT because it's immoral. Those were her exact words. :)
We'll wait for her. I'm sure of it, because we're so in love with everything about her.

one of those "for the best" situations, ... if things are too awkward for her, or if it's just going to take time for her to decide if she can accept you two in her life.

might just take time, to settle in. those raised thinking there's monogamy and nothing else, ... could take a bit to settle in there's a whole world of experiences, and many genuine people out there.

keep the door open, keep communication open. :) no one knows the future, the best we have are guesses.

Thank you... we really do want what is best for her, and if she wants to remain monogamist that is totally fine. We really just hope that we haven't lost her as a good friend. If she doesn't want a triad with us, that would be okay because we would never force her to love us.

...But I really do hope that these next couple of days she contemplates the idea of a triad relationship with us...because we all get along so well! It's funny...we all have great chemistry, and are very much in love with everything about one another, so I don't really see... why can't we go on as three?

Yesterday, I came to her house to bring hot soup because she was feeling sick and as she laid in bed, she invited me into her arms to give her a hug...and so I did, she thanked me and said she loved me. I told her that I love her too and apologized saying: "I'm sorry if we put you in a awkward position. Can we please all get together soon to talk this out?" She said: "Sure, just give me time to feel better."
Then I left her to get some rest.

that sounds reassuring to me :)
the worst would be if she held onto the popular monogamist views to condemn anything different. doesn't sound like that at all :), sounds like she'll make her choices from a clear heart :)

Yes, it does sound reassuring...doesn't it? Fortunately for us, she isn't religious, or conventional... I just think she needs time to make decisions. I just want what is best, and I want everyone happy :D

Thank you so much for your support, I truly appreciate it.

sometimes you have to take the chance. you did right thing. just hope it works out ok.

Thank you :) we knew the feelings had to be said for us to ever get anywhere.

I'm so sorry love! I hope it all goes well!!

Thank you love. I hope so too~ I appreciate it.