Multiple Loves Make Me Glow

I have always loved many people at once, in many ways. In almost all of my adult relationships, there has been me, a boyfriend and a long distance girlfriend and/or male slaves (I am a BDSM Dominant).

I am single now but own and adore one long distance slave and have two men who I love dearly but have yet to meet (long convoluted story).

Ideally, I would adore two committed men to love me in a polyandrous triad, but without marriage.

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12 Responses Sep 25, 2008

You are on the right path... I have lived in several poly arrangements and have found the the most rewarding and stable ones were triads of two men and one woman, who were all free to be with others, but devoted to the triad relationship as a sexual core...

Good for you! All women should have full sexual lives with as many men as they like. All women.

Awesome, why can't more people just have multiple partners without the hang ups of marriage or sex with just one person? I think the world would be a happier place.

Very cool, my wife has a long time bf.

You go, girl! We men have been doing this for, like, a million years; it's about time women did it too!

your one tougth women so positive about life and lots of love but be warned dont ...... with u melbourne women are strong iknow i had 4 sisters grew up there good luck love

I'm curious. I'm a BDSM submissive, and I can kind of imagine what it would be like to be a 'long distance slave'. Would you mind filling in the blanks a little though? How do you usually interact with a long distance slave? On the phone, through the internet, or do you just travel and see them sometimes? Is the power dynamic continuous, persisting even when you and your slave are not communicating? Or do you and your slave only feel the power dynamic (and act based on it) when you're interacting?

interesting... good luck with your goals =)

Thank you, dear kleisse.x

Well... my small brain would mix up the people and be confused. :P But it sounds like that works for you so I hope you get what you want someday.

No...I think it would be wonderful...because I have always felt like I am needed. I am about giving openly, freely and totally.

Wouldn't that get kinda confusing?