I Have No Idea What That Means...

I have no idea what that means.... I'm thinkin hard and nothing is coming to mind.. so imma so IDK.
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Dan Savage defines it beautifully in this column- though I wish they'd change the title, it's terribly misleading.<br />

Polyamorous is best described as the ability of a person to know and understand themselves. To be open and honest with themselves before they try to define what love is. Love is defined on so many levels it is compared to insanity. Poly meaning plural, amorous meaning love or loves.<br />
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Many people these days get into marriages and call them starter marriages, so they go in with the preconceived notion that it is going to fail, that they have more opportunities to find more partners who will meet their desires of that moment in time. True Poly people know what love is, they know themselves both inside and out and they know they are capable and able to handle the emotional requirements needed to live a true poly lifestyle. You may not be active poly, living or dating or loving more then one person at a time, but you know that you are able to love more than one person at a time. We are all capable of it and we do it on many levels, you do it with family, with close friends, with siblings and so on and so forth. <br />
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So why do some people choose serial monogamy? Serial Monogamy is defined as being in love with one person at a time then casting them aside when they are no longer useful to your current desires. The real truth is that no one can define you, that no one person can make you happy if you are not happy with yourself. But many people continue to get married and divorced for those simple reasons. No matter how you try to defend that statement, it is the purest and simplest way to explain it. The first rule is to "Know thy Self" from there you grow.

You might want to look at a site such as www.modernpoly.com if you want to find out what it means.

Not to seem rude, but if you don't know what poly is, then why are you here?