Where Is The One? Why Is It So Difficult?

Is it just me, I am an open guy in well obviously a open couple, but it is nearly impossible to find that extra one or two to complete us. I mean I surf all kinds of sights, we do look for playmates it's not like we are just only looking for soul matesthere is a degree of pleasure involved at times. But it is almost impossible to find people either serious or for play that wants to be with "us". I see guys who want to slide into our relationship and totally ignore the fact that I am there which is not really more than stealing your girlfriend. I don't get off on watching someone jump into my bed slide around the lady and take off. Kinda rude actually. All the women we meet are in relationships and the man doesn't understand or cannot handle more than one "connection". I don't understand how people can actually be revolted by love and seriously believe that weither happy or unhappy that that one person your with is IT as if you turn off your ability to breathe. We actually bought a house with extra room for our triad or quad if it forms, there is even a nice lot across the street that could fit a couple or 3 houses if we had a nice "loving" community building.

XOXO William

May you find your tribe and fill your hearts.

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They can be it is more about seeing people as people and not property or something you place on a shelf and don't let others touch. Polyamory is, simply put, the capacity to love many. Personally I am Pansexual or someone who is attracted to other people irregardless of their gender. In a poly relationship each person can love others but not necessarily the same people. Lets say for example say There is me and my wife ("Normal Relationship for the Vanillas"), and we expand to a triad with another woman we have been lovers with for a long time now it is 3 we are all together, but the third also has a girlfriend who is a lesbian. So grand total when we are together as a family or tribe is me and the last woman are not sexual, but that doesn't mean we don't have feelings as we love everyone else or are intimate with them. The dynamics are unusual, but are best explained in several books I personally love "Stranger in a Strange Land", it explains very well from all standpoints what the relationship looks like from inside and outside of a poly group.

respect....that means the men and women are all bi sexual?

Well said.