Starting Over

Until May of 2009 I had two serious girlfriends.  All open and above board.  In May one of them broke up with me and I was heart-broken.  During the period between May and October I still had one steady girlfiend but also had dates with 4 new girls in those 5 months.  When the other girlfriend broke up with me, I became single and in the five months up to last Monday managed to get no dates at all.  Despite being on a number of dating sites.  I wonder whehter a problem was that many women will be put off by me stating that I am polyamorous in dating profiles etc, but that women into Poly are suspicious that I don't already have a partner.  Anyway, I had a date last week and am having a second one with the same girl on Sunday.  And also have a "yes" re having a date with another girl.   The girl I met on Monday is not pre-existing poly but is obviously prepared to see me again despite me being very very clear on the subject.  The other may not have looked at my profile very carefully given that after several messages she asked me if I was Romanian (because I mentioned I was reading a book by a Romanian author) when my profiles always mention I am Irish.  We shall see.....

Phanuel Phanuel
46-50, M
Feb 25, 2010