I write songs and here are the lyrics of a few that contain elements inspired by my poly experiences -

You'll Always Come to Me

Verse 1

I don't need to tie you down

I don't need chains to hold you

I have no fear that you will leave

If there are no bonds to control you


If I set you loose and free

I know you'll always come to me

I don't throw away the key

Because you'll always come to me

Verse 2

I don't have to pay a price

To know that you belong to me

There is no weak link you see

Your liberation is along with me



I'll lift you when you're on your knees

I can demand to meet your needs

I'll seize responsibility

When you give up, we'll still succeed


Verse 3

There's no use in trying to resist

A love that's strong as it can be

I don't need you to enlist

Because you rank alongside me.

I Have Two

Verse 1

I'm not torn between two lovers

Tomorrow holds no fear for me

I don't have to choose between

My Sandra and Mary


For I have two and they have too

And none are part-time things

There's no sneaking around to do

No hiding in the wings

Verse 2

Both my loves bring happiness

Both my loves are mine

My heart goes out to each of them

Each and every time



Why should I despair, if they lie with other loves

They don't lie to me and nothing is removed

They are not a pair but each fits me like a glove

And I do declare that my love for both is true

Verse 3

This is not half-hearted then

Not divided, watered down

I don't think their other loves

Mean I'm messed around


The Girl Who Used to Love You (Doesn't Love Me Anymore)

Verse 1

Hello old friend, it's sometime since we talked

But I have some breaking news

It's very bad for me

Don't know how it will be for you

It's about the one we fell for

We worshipped and adored

The girl who used to love you

Doesn't love me any more

Verse 2

I never meant to break you up

I was surprised you stayed my friend

This has hit me like a bombshell

I won't try to pretend

But now it's only fair

That you should know the score

The girl who used to love you

Doesn't love me anymore


We both fell under her spell

And have stories to tell

We both were proud

To hold her heart

But now know how it feels

To fall apart

Verse 3

So I wish you well now

You and your new love too

I will love again

But you and I know that it's true

No two loves are the same

So there's still some pain in store

Over the girl who used to love you

And doesn't love me any more.
Phanuel Phanuel
46-50, M
Mar 10, 2010