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I was married for 18 years in a sexless marriage. After my divorce in 1997. I met a couple in 2000 and we began a poly relationship, it had been their dream for years, I certainly fulfilling it for them. They moved in with me, I had a large home, 5 bedrooms. It was mostly about sex at first. They wanted new experiences and with me, they found it. I have always been a highly sex man. It would take too long to list our fun times together. Eventually we added three females to our family and our lives and times were marvelous together.  I however, paid for everything, and it became a drain on my resourses beyoung belief. Nobody else had income, and though it was a wonderful life it got rather burdonsome. NOW When My mother because ill, I needed to care for her, So I relocated to be near her.  Now I am without my poly family and miss it so much.  I married one of the women I was poly with, because she was so loving and so very sexually oriented. She was my perfect match.

We want the poly lifestyle again, and we participate in swinging, the biker life, and nudism here at our place. I have 3 acres, room for a couple trailers to be set up. Water is in, septic tank has to be installed, for more details lets chat.

But now, we miss the closeness that being poly brings.  Its proven difficult to find poly relationships wear we live in the country. I bought out in the country cause thats what I could afford. Its close to my mother in St. Charles, but seems farthur than anyone wants to drive. We are 40 miles from downtown St. Louis in Foley, Mo 63347. Its north of Ofallen and the way to Elseberry, Mo.

WE sure wish, we could meet some women or couples who think like we do, and desire more than one love interest in their lives. I am a loving man, with a big heart, and desire more than one women to love in my life. I can't say though that she isn't happy just by ourselves but she knows how I feel. She is with me 85%, she wants me to be happy, and loves me so much. She was part of my big family once before and knows where she stands. I married her, to keep her by my side even though i didn't have too.

polycplseeking polycplseeking
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Perhaps we should talk. We recognize that a poly relationship isn't ALL about sex. There are feelings and personal things there too and most people never get (or give themselves) the chance to experience that. We had a girl living with us for a while and it was great. SHE was great....but she started getting jealous and possessive. It hurt us all to some degree but we had to let her go. We miss the feelings we had when we were all together and part of our own little group. A good job in Troy keeps our bills paid and we're not interested in being a financial drain on anyone....so maybe we could chat some time.